25 Amazing Face Painting Ideas For Your Inspiration

Aren’t “face paintings” a brilliant idea for any fun occasion and is an integral part of fine arts? So today I have decided to share some amazing and fun painting ideas at this fine art blog so that you people get inspired. Till now I have shared some amazing body paintings so far but this is the first post which is exclusively dedicated to face painting.

 In case you are planning for some picnic fun or birthday party or preparing for some Halloween then you can opt out these face paintings which will definitely make your time incredible and funny. For many face paintings can be hobby and may be a full-blown career for skilful artists. This face painting can dig out your wildest and funniest imagination, thus there is a huge possibility of exciting ideas. In this post I have added some of the very amazing cat, lion, Halloween, butterfly, clown and kids face painting.

Image Credit: google


  1. they all look so chic dear. Have a great Monday! :)

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  2. These are great inspirations. Could really use these during Halloween.

  3. Brilliant idea

  4. Oh wow, these all look amazing! What talent =)

    Corinne x

  5. These are great, so much better than the face painting I got a kid lol! And loving all the Day of The Dead skull looks, they're my favs!