25 Amazing and Hilarious Character Design and Digital Art by Salvador Ramirez Madriz

Wow! Such a hilarious and funny work! I couldn’t stop my laughter after seeing these amazing digital illustrations and character designs by Salvador Ramirez Madriz. All the characters made by Salvador makes you laugh the time you saw them for the first time. I really loved his art works which are quite different from other artists. 

Let’s see what the artist has to say: 
Salvador Ramirez Madriz (Artist, Digital Art): I live in Guadalajara, Mexico. I'm a graduate from Cinematography and animation, and I have been working as a concept artist profesionally for around 5 years, but drawing my whole life. I’m mad about illustration and the infinite ways it offers to express an idea- I’m constantly looking for new tendencies, styles, formats, materials… basically looking for knowledge to have the tools I need to deliver the best of my art. So, here I present my work to you. I hope you will find some images worth looking at, because that’s what I’m convinced my job is meant to do… inspire and entertain.