Apr 20, 2014

Beautiful Flower Paintings by Danhui Nai

Today, I will be sharing beautiful flower paintings by Danhui Nai at my fine art blog/ painting blog and I am sure that all of you will like these paintings. Let me first introduce Danhui Nai to you, well! She was born and raised in mainland, China. 
She from the very beginning showed immense inclination towards painting and sculpture. She used to take evening art classes after completing her school and later on studied four years of interior design at Wu Xi Light Industry College of China. Later on completing her interior designing course, Danhui Nai, went to New York and worked there as a Textile designer. Danhui is a talented artist who loves to paint with variety of media such as gouache, acrylics, oils, watercolors and tempera. She works on a layering technique. In this post I have shared few of her amazing flower paintings/Flower images/flower art. Hope you like.


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