Beautiful Fashion Portraits by Van Den Eng Charlene | 1971

 Hi fine art lovers! This time I will be sharing beautiful portrait paintings by Dutch painter Van Den Eng Charlene in this fine art and paintings blog. Well! Charlene Van Den Eng was born in the year 1971 and studied at some very well-known and prestigious art institutions in Netherlands which includes the Amsterdam Art/Fashion Institute AMFI.

She loves to use oil paint as a painting medium and over years she has made portrait painting her main focus. She adds:  “When I look at people with their specific behaviours and expressions, I am always being fascinated. Sophisticated, determined, thoughtful, arrogant, vulnerable, amazed, passionate, self-assured….these and many others are the moments I am trying to catch” explains.
She makes beautiful portraits with the technique of knife pallet painting with lots of different styles and colors. She is a fashion designer which is very much evident from the fashion works made by her.