30 Amazing Tiger Tattoo Designs for You Inspiration

Tiger is a symbol of strength and is a national animal of Bangladesh, India, Malaysia (the Malayan tiger), Vietnam and South Korea. Tiger has been a very popular animal in mythology and also folklore in many countries.  
Tiger is considered as the king of forest and king of all the beasts, he is a symbol of power, beauty and strength. Tiger is a symbol of power in China as well and is also one of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Symbol. 

People who are born in the year of tiger are considered as suspicious, emotional and capable of great love.

Now days, tattoo designs are very much in fashion and as far as tiger tattoo are concerned, these are considered ideal for men who want to and expect to express their power and toughness. Lots of people ink different kind of tattoo at their different body parts such as arms, back and shoulders. This time I have compiled some of the very nice and inspiring tattoo designs for your inspiration. Hope you like these.

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