Happy First B'day "FINE ART AND YOU"!

It’s been a one year old journey, but it has been simply outstanding and simply like a dream for me. I have started this blog for fun and for sharing my love for fine arts, photography, sculpture etc but with time this blog has become an indispensable part of my life where not even a single day gets past without working on it and improving it.   

I still remember the day when I started it and at that time I didn’t know that how far I will work on it and how much time I will get to work on it. But truly speaking this one year has been pretty amazing, mostly because of all you wonderful people who come to my blog and browse and come again and again with a lovely smile on your face and writing comments and also appreciating the blog and my initiative. I thank you all and congratulate you all for such a wonderful support and amazing part of this little ‘FINE ART AND YOU’.

Love you all, stay connected J