March 27, 2014

Fashion Portrait Paintings by Anja Van Herle

Hi all! all the paintings which you are going to see here in this article is that of Anja Van Herle who is a Belgium born artist and was born in the 1969. You can see a sense of fashion in all her art works. Today I am going to share portrait works by her which will definitely steal your heart! Anja Van Herle beautifully combines the beauty of European sense of high fashion along with using American sense of wonder.      
When she was a child, she used to explore her talent by using pencils, watercolours, crayons etc. in the year 1987, she got herself enrolled in the Belgium’s Higher Institute of Art Education where she completed her masters of Fine Art in Painting. Now she has relocated to Los Angeles where she is concentrating on figurative art works which are mostly inspired by contemporary fashion and classical fashion and explores the issues of emotion, human interrelationships and emotions.  

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