Charming Whimsical Paintings by Russian Painter Victor Nizotsev

Victor Nizovtsev is a Russian painter and is a talented master of whimsical and narrative art. You can see that most of his artworks Subjects include fantasy paintings, landscapes, Russian folklore, theater and mermaids.    
I found some of his amazing art works on the internet and really loved his art works. Wow! What a beautiful imagination he has, lovely way of showing beauty of mermaids who are relaxing or sleeping at the bottom of sea or in pools of lanterns. Lovely shimmer is scattered all around the canvas.

"Sleeping mermaids provoke a very deep response from the viewer. I believe this is because humans have always wanted to possess some magic power from the surrounding animal world, like large feathery wings that would allow them to fly or a scaly tail to propel them through the water like a fish. My mermaid seems surprisingly human because she is peacefully resting after a long day. Her face is peaceful, her dreams tranquil, her body’s position radiates calm and happiness. The painting captures these feelings.".


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