Colorful Animal Paintings by Shauna Morrissey!

Shauna Morrissey was born on 3 Jul 1970, this skilful artist is very passionate about animal’s which is very much evident from Shauna’s art works. Today I have compiled some of the stylised animal portrait painting by this very talented artist. Let’s see what this artist says:

I accidentally fell into this genre one day when the stress of my more "fine art" started driving me crazy. I just wanted to paint something fun for a change. My animals crack me up daily so I thought...why not paint them. From there friends wanted their animals painted (usually dogs). Suddenly a new avenue of income was created.

I am currently focusing souly on these great four legged friends. If you want to commission your favorite family pet just give me a call and I would love to assist!
Informação pessoal Shauna Morrissey: Artist, equestrian and lover all four legged, furry creatures. Lives in Woodinville, WA with her amazing husband and dogs. Currently owns 2 horses as well...much to her husbands dismay!
-Shauna Morrissey