Beautiful Figurative Paintings by Juan Fortuny | Spanish Painter

Juan Fortuny was born in Badalona, Spain on 20 April 1939. He beautifully uses the each and every detail in his paintings which shows that he spends lots of time and effort in his each and every art work. He plays beautifully with canvas, colors and painting techniques.    

He is also a very frequent visitor to many art galleries and art museums. It was his frequent visits to these places which persuaded him to paint and he started his love affair with his passion, drawings and started his new career as a painter.  He is very much easy going with subjects like human figures as well as floral and landscape paintings. Horse paintings are his weakness and he loves to draw horses. His art works are in collection all the world and he has exhibited in different countries such as Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, USA, Japan and Europe.

"I must admit that my youth was conditioned by what my parents expected of me. They wanted me to be an engineer, but I wanted to devote my life to art. But finally I ended up with 23 years old engineering." Four years later his affair with drawings, his passion, triumphed and started a new career as a painter.

Fortuny’s surrounding world, his private life, like him, is contradictory, passionate. His house reflcts on his personality. It can be completely classical, modern or even vanguardist. His home, a roomy and stately building dating back to before the Twelfth Century, is close the Montserrat Mountain, a natural park where pines and fir trees predominate. Juan Fortuny lives in constant contact with nature.