Beautiful Drawings by Young Emerging Indian Talent-"Megha Maynak" | 1989

Megha Maynak
Born in 1989, Ms. Megha Maynak is a young Indian artist graduated from Mumbai’s Rachana Sansad College of Fine Arts in India. She stays with her family in her “City of Dreams 
Her past works has been exhibited at NCPA, Piramal Art Gallery in Mumbai, 2010 and Ark Art Gallery, Pune, 2013 in a Group Exhibition on 100 Years Of Indian Cinema. And has recently exhibited at Green mark Art Gallery in Delhi.  

Contact the artist:
Mob no: 9821606720

Since childhood her passion for art and creativity developed and intensified with every brush stroke. As a child she was surrounded by relatives and friends with a keen talent for graphics and the visual arts. This stimulated her fantasy and imagination.
Since school, Art was her favorite subject. She was always keen in using a pencil and drew anything around her. Drawing not only became a passion but also an escape from reality, from the boredom and monotony of repetitive existence.

While staying in Mumbai for past 25 years, she tried many different mediums and styles of painting but got deeply involved only with Charcoal drawings. She has been recently working in Charcoal and has named her works as EMPTY SPACES.

One way to describe these empty spaces is by defining space.  Within a space there can be “things”, each of these “things” has its own charge or energy. By visually and physically existing, anything that occupies space inherently creates a force in the world. These “things” are what they are, only because of what is not around them.  This emptiness or invisible energy is what fills our world, constantly flowing around everything, allowing us to see what is what.

She has been thinking a lot about the new paths to be introduced in her work, specifically, the introduction of pen and charcoal together.
She realized that while she is still not always certain about what she making, she is more comfortable with it.  This partially explains her willingness to experiment, to take her work in new directions. It also relates to her comfort with criticism
At times her work looks evocative, minimalist etc, but she calls it Impulsive.  An outcome of what has been stored in its subconscious mind that excited  and stirred to the reservoir to emerge to the conscious to translate it at the moment to an artistic work.
For Megha, Achievement till now is not the number of her work sold. But it’s the Appreciation. She thinks of her work as an expression. The truth is: It’s all about honesty. As an artist she finds that honesty has been the single most useful tool in her creative productivity.
Megha has attended Calligraphy Workshops with Ashutosh Apte and Workshop by Hedi. K. Ernst on Tradition, Remembrance and Transformation. Also have attended a 5 days Lithography workshop at Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal.

Megha currently works as a Part Time Art Teacher in an Art Academy called Ileap in Mumbai, India and has teached students of all age who wish to fulfill their passion in art.

She says : YOU are a unique individual with your own special talents and your own unique point of view. There is not and never will be another human being EXACTLY like you. That makes YOUR art -- your contribution to the world -- valuable.

For Megha all she know is that her art is who she is, the way she feels and what she does.

I congratulate this young artist “Megha” for creating such wonderful drawings and art works. Each and every piece of her art has a sense of enigma which can mesmerize any art lover. Her art works are so deep in emotions and captures the human feeling of loneliness and emptiness beautifully. I hope all of you must have liked and enjoyed her art works. See more of her art works here:

Artist's Name: Megha Maynak
Contact the artist:
Mob no: 9821606720