February 17, 2014

Beautiful Childhood Paintings by Marci Oleszkiewicz | American Artist

Marci Oleszkiewicz-Taylor is a painter from the beautiful city of Chicago. She from her childhood loves to paint and working on something creative. She gives full credit of her creativity to her father who was a carpenter and used to work constantly on new ideas and he has always encouraged Marci to always work little by little and step by step on something new so that an innovation takes place with beautiful ideas.    

Marci adds, “My dad would say: 'See Marci, if you work at something little by little, you will see your idea come about'. Seeing my Dad's work ethic and learning from my Mom the value of self discipline as a home schooler, I believe gave me some of the foundational tools I would need later in life to succeed as an artist".

She further adds, “"I am always so encouraged to hear the response from my collectors every year, how they connect and are so touched by what I paint. It is my goal as an artist to do just that, to create works that resonate with the hearts of others, to speak clearly and deeply to the innermost being. To capture moments of life on canvas that convey beauty, joy, love and truth. I've heard it said if you paint from your heart you will speak to the hearts of your viewers, and that is my desire".

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