Awesome Watercolor Paintings by Francisco Sanchis

My paintings are about feeling the world around me. Sometimes, thoughts on social issues or plain “poetic” approaches, depending on my state of mind or personal experience, lead me to the subject I chose to paint.
My intentions are sometimes different from what I previously thought as being interesting and I end up painting the subject in a different approach, letting thoughts and feelings discover other paths around the subject.  

Although I live from the art I produce, I am in a learning process absorbing and understanding concepts of art and painting techniques, hoping that learning will never end.
Only recently, I began using oil because the medium is easier to manipulate and allows possibilities that I have just began to explore.
My chromatic choices are an attempt to create an atmosphere leading the viewer’s attention to what I think is relevant.

Work Experience:
From 1978 until 2004 I worked in advertising as a graphic designer and a freelance illustrator.
In 2004 I began my painting career.

I was born in Mozambique and in South Africa, attended the Johannesburg Art, Music and Ballet High School. In Lisbon, I studied in Escola de Artes António Arroio for one and a half years as an unofficial student.

Fernando Gerardo was born 29 Sep. 1957 – Mozambique.

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