Vladimir Fechyk | Russian Landscape Painter

Vladimir Fechyk is a Russian artist who was born in the year 1970 in Mukachevo, Ukraine. Since the very beginning he showed his love for painting. While he was young of around ten years of age, Vladimir began to attend the Children’s School of Art in and studied there for around four years.
When he attained the age of fifteen years, he started attending the State School of Art in Charkov, Ukraine and he studied there for four years. The state school of art used to admit only very talented artists say around 15 candidates every year and Vladimir Fechyk was one of them, this shows his immense talent and skill as an artist. Vladimir was a very brilliant student and used to get many awards while was in school even at the tender age of fifteen years. Since 1993, Vladimir Fechyk is living in Prague, Czechoslovakia with his family. His hobbies include studying about culture of India and Eastern philosophy.