Roberto Ferri | Italian Baroque Painter | 1978

Roberto Ferri is an Italian born Baroque painter who is born in the year 1978. He is deeply inspired by different Baroque painters such as Carvaggio and other old masters such as David, , Girodet, Gericault, Gleyre, Moreau, Rops, Ingres, Redon etc who were specialised in  Academism, Symbolism and Romanticism

Roberto Ferri was graduated with honours degree from the Academy of Fine arts in Rome. He has held many art exhibitions at various art works. The first art work of Roberto Ferri was in the Center of Contemporary Art in Rome. His art works have been presented at various countries such as Antonio, Rome, Milan, Malta, Provence, Boston, Miami, New York, Barcelona, San Antonio and Castle of Menerbes. Have a look at some his art works and enjoyJ: