Borris Vallejo | American Fantasy Painter

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Boris Vallejo is a painter from America who is working with his wife Julie Bell who is also a painter and a model. Boris Vallejo moved to the United States in the year 1964 and is currently living in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Boris art works are very charismatic and his art is never flat or lifeless. 
His paintings are extremely lively and full of emotions and themes, he is rightly called as a fantasy painter as he beautifully tantalizes his audiences with his fantasy art works. His art works are extremely versatile and full of inventions and ideas. He has touched almost all the fantasies of this universe. Boris’s art works are somewhat similar to barbarian warriors with poetic aura and ambitions. You can find a lots of light, romance and frightening bizarre masculine creatures in his paintings. Have a look at the beautiful poetic art of Boris Vallejo and enjoy: