Jan 15, 2014

Albert Joseph Moore | British Classical Painter | 1841-1893

This time I am going to share beautiful classical paintings by one of the renowned historical painters Albert Joseph Moore. He was born in the year 1841 and died in 1893. He was very famous for his depiction of female’s which are set against the luxury and decadence of the classical world. 
Albert Joseph Moore was youngest of fourteen children of the known painter William Moore of York who was a very well known portrait and classical painter.
Albert Moore from the very beginning showed his love for art, drawing and painting and was much encouraged and appreciated by his parents as well as siblings. Two of his brothers named John Collingham Moore and Henry Moore also earned good name as a painter. Albert during his lifetime did various commissioned works and his art was very well appreciated all around the world and today also his art works are very much in demand. It is right to call Albert Moore as one of the finest and greatest British Classical painter which the world has ever seen. Check out few of his paintings below:

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