Rita Kirkman | Colorful Pastel Paintings

Rita Kirkman has an inborn artistic talent and loves to use pastel as a medium for painting since her childhood. She started to paint when she was 11 years old and sold her first commissioned painting when she attained the age of 17 years. She completed her graduation in Fine Arts in 1988. While she was an undergraduate, she began a 12 year career in sketching quick portraits at amusement parks. 
Now days she also does quick sketching of portraits and draws caricatures at various events throughout South Texas. But she has a lot more to offer; she has improved her own style and techniques through workshops and independent study and has studied thoroughly with many famous portrait and Pastel painters.  Her art works have been very much appreciated by all the art lovers and art critics nationally as well as internationally.  Her paintings have been featured in many artists’ magazines. Her art works have been in private collections all around the world which includes Europe, Japan, Canada, the US and Australia. She is a signature member of Pastel Society of America and she has also received the Master Circle Award from the International Association of Pastel Societies.  Rita Kirkman adds: “"Life is too full to only paint one thing. Everything I see inspires me"! Her art works are very beautiful and she portrays wildlife and landscapes very beautifully. Vibrant colours and beautiful detailed strokes used by this talented artist bring an eye treat to viewers.

Artist Statement:

"I’m constantly overwhelmed
by the simple beauty and uniqueness
of everyday life.
"I work to capture a moment or a feeling, or to present an ordinary subject in a new way.
"I want to hold the viewer a moment
longer with a sense of wonder, or
 perhaps a bit of humor.
"Life is short and fast. I want to
slow down and see it.” 
                  ~Rita Kirkman