December 7, 2013

Nick Alm | Swedish Painter | Emotions


In the year 1999 Nick Alm started working as a painter but very soon discovered his love for painting. He later got accepted by the Florence Academy of Art to Study the figurative works in a classical manner. It was the place where he worked as a teaching assistant.  After completing his graduation Nick got a scholarship and joined The Hudson River Fellowship to paint landscapes. While he was staying there, he kept on exploring the great art museums in New York City. He later moved back to Sweden.

Artist´s statement
What I aim for as a painter is to make my artwork vibrant with life. The human figure has always been at the center of my work which I try to capture with a great sense of light, atmosphere and texture. I prefer to work directly from life instead of using a camera. A photograph is just an interpretation of life that lacks the subtle colour and value shifts and the interesting changes in nature. Instead of copying the object in front of me, I simplify, rearrange and add my own vision. My main source of inspiration comes from the contemporary world around me. I aim to communicate what is inherently and universally human, transcending cultural codes and specific trends. I interpret whatever awakens me to something extra in my surroundings, from the context itself to the details, the psychological tension between people, a state of mind, a mood or an opportunity to express painterly joy. It's not my goal to criticize or change society; instead my work addresses itself primarily to the inner world of the individual. Hopefully my work will offer the viewer a break from everyday life, evoking a sense of recognition that leads to a moment of reflection, or perhaps inciting a creative urge. 

2007-2010 Florence Academy of Art - Mölndal/Florence, Sweden/Italy
2006-2007 KV Konstskola - Gothenburg, Sweden
2005 Den digitala bildens estetik - Gothenburg, Sweden
2001-2004 Arts Programme (Senior Highschool) - Nässjö, Sweden 
Awards and Honours:
2013 First Place Prize, Figurative Category – Two Lovers – International ARC Salon
2013 Grand Prize Award – Two Lovers - Artist´s Magazine All-Media Competition
2012 Exceptional Merit Award - "Insomnia - At the Edge of the Bed" - Portrait Society of America
2011 First Place - "Conversation by the piano" - Artist´s Magazine All-Media Online Competition
Solo shows:
2013 Galleri Ingela S – Stockholm, Sweden
2011 Galleri Hörle Slott – Värnamo, Sweden
2010 Vetlanda Konstförening – Vetlanda, Sweden
2008 Galleri Mejan – Hult, Sweden

2010 The Hudson River Fellowship
2009 Art Renewal Center scholarship
2009 Teaching assistant scholarship 


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