Dec 11, 2013

Incredible Mind Blowing "Pencil Lead Sculpture" By Dalton Ghetti

Hi Friends! This time I am back with another master class artist whose name is Dalton Ghetti. He makes such an incredible Pencil Sculpture Masterpieces which are perfect enough for stealing any one’s heart. Dalton carefully crafts these amazing pencil sculptures and this art of his took shape in his heart long way back in his childhood. Dalton is a professional carpenter who is perfecting his amazing art for the past 25 years. 


He uses many tools such as sewing needle, sculpting knife, razor blade to craft these awesome master pieces. I must say that he is has such a great hand and lots of patience which lets him devote a lot of time to create these incredible pencil sculpture that takes anywhere between a few months to some years. As all these collections are pretty easy to broke, thus many of his art works have  broken over time while the work was in progress, he calls these the cementary collection. And you will never believe that despite of his art works are very sort after, he had never sold them, however he had distributed some of them to his close friends etc. I truly loved his walk through these soft graphite art pieces. Dalton Ghetti was born in Sao Paulo and started to create such master pieces when he was very young say 6 years old. At that age, his friends and class mates used to sharpen their pencil with razor and sharpener while he was busy in crafting these beautiful sculptures. When he was eight years old, he started to work with needle in order to help his mother in hemming and attaching buttons. After receiving a metal tool kit on his 9t birthday, he never look back, he started to carve toys and started to make sculpture with chisels, hammers and knives. Later he studied arts degree in architecture while working as a cabinet maker. Currently he is working as a professional carpenter. 

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