Chidi Okoye | Nigerian Painter

Chidi Okoye is a Nigerian Painter who was graduated with a distinction in sculpture from the esteemed institute of Management and Technology in Nigeria in the year 1988. Later for continues six years he taught drawing and sculpture at the Federal Polytechnic Oko Anambra State Nigeria. 

However, in the meanwhile Chidi Okoye was making beautiful and outstanding collections of sculpture, writing and poetry. He loves to write poetry.  In 1993 he launched his book called “Lamentation” at the national museum Lagos which was sponsored by Mobil Producing Nigeria. He also has his National Solo Exhibition there which was called “Texturs of Life”. In the year 1994, Chidi A. Okoye moved to a place called Vancouver, Canada. It was the place where he became indulged and involved in a number of projects which promoted international artistic exchange and was also leading light in the Black creative local community. He creates dramatic paintings and art works which complements the beauty of nature with man-made images and pictures which has a touch of his ancestral culture. I loved the dynamism and uniqueness of his artistic skills.