December 4, 2013

Alan Giana | Scenic Painter From America

Alan Giana is an American painter who specializes in landscape and creating beautiful scenes. His art works are very different, colourful and very attractive, which makes him one of the most famous landscape and scenic painter of the modern era.  He was born in Connecticut and spent most of his childhood there only. He started to draw and paint at an early age of four years when he started to paint and scribble his room wall with a magic marker. 

It was his long cherished dream to become an artists. During his school days he was always caught drawing and painting. He inherited his artistic skills form his father who was an accomplished ceramic artists. He used to admire and watch his father apply glazes and various painting styles and techniques to create his beautiful masterpieces. Alan in his college days went to study business management and graphic designing. He later married a girl whose name was Pamela and in early 90’s he started his own graphic designing and illustration company with her. 

He has worked on different master class images and produced commercial illustration and commercial products. His works have found place in several books, children books and magazines which showcases the best in digital illustration and traditional air brush. He has won many awards for his beautiful creative images such as the Premier Print Award by the Printing Industries of America, Business Marketing Association and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Award. His art works have been collected by many private and public art collectors nationally as well as internationally. As far as his art works are concerned, it of his evident from his paintings that He loves the sea and nature which seems to be an integral part of his art works. Alan’s beautifully crafted paintings are loved and adored by many art lovers all around the world. His popularity is much evident from the fact that his art works are licensed by almost fifty-sixty countries for reproduction which includes Canada, United States and Europe. His lovable inspiring paintings are full of captivating Christmas scenes which brings and light to the life of all the viewers. His paintings can be seen on calendres, Christmas cards, puzzles, gift cards and boxes and other gift items. Have a look at the captivating beauty of Alan’s art works and enjoyJ

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