December 28, 2013

30 Mind Blowing Black Woman Paintings By Frank Morrison

Frank Morrison beautifully portrays the paintings of black woman which are very clearly inspired by the real life. His paintings are stunning and mind blowing which shows musical notes running around the neck of beautiful black woman, patterned blankets, African jewellery and skirts are cultural elements that we can all relate to. 
Frank Morrison’s depict a complimentary black woman. Though the body form and postures of black woman are not anatomically accurate, their neck are elongated which makes us feel that black woman of Africa are proud of their beauty. Their neck is stretched forward; emphasis is on curves in a seductive elegant way, which makes the paintings very dreamy and surrealist. These paintings by Frank are joyful, elegant, and full of peace, love and earthiness. African culture is strongly affiliated to these paintings. Frank’s paintings make us realise the beauty, power and wonderfulness of black woman. Check some of Frank Morrison’s paintings below:)

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