25 Creative Pencil Drawings by Ben Heine: A Must See | Pencil Vs Camera

Ben is a Belgian visual artist who was born on June 1983 in Ivory Coast. I love the art of Ben Heine who works on the principal of pencil drawing v/s camera.  He first takes down a photograph then he overlays a section of the same photo with some photo of his own hand which shows him holding the pencil sketch over a portion of the original photo. 

This is quite creative. Isn't it? Already a mind blowing and beautiful photograph forms itself into a more awesome picture which astonishes the viewers and which makes the viewer extremely enthusiastic and soothes his mind. His art works adds a splash of whimsy and satire. He transforms the daily picture views and scenes into a joyful eye candy which is presented in a joyous and enthusiastic way. Ben’s works are a mixture of reality and imagination. In April 2010, Ben published his series “Pencil Vs Camera” which was the result of a long graphic explorations and research. He usually puts a handmade drawing figure in front of a photo which catches the vision and attention of all art lovers. Have a look at some of this god gifted artists works, hope you like these J


  1. Ben , your art is truly beautiful, and soooooo creative... your are genius in art.