Velichko Roman | Russian Painter | 1968

 Velichko Roman was born in 1968 in Biysk, Russia. He is a romantic surrealist painter from Russia. He completed his graduation from the Aircraft Institute, Flying Apparats Department in Harkov. He is a well known graphic artist too and has been into graphic arts for the past fifteen years. His art works strive for the concentration of philosophy with art and his art works expresses the freedom of rational and he uses symbols of independent of rational interpretation.
His art works are so deep in the meaning that its viewers are so much engaged and indulged in the creativity of Velichko Roman. His thoughts are many and emotions are immense. Roman’s creative works are the reflection of his inner self and emotions and as well as his connection of inspiration, talent and skills. He used beautiful colors to portray his thoughts which is liked by many and appreciated by all. I am sure you will love his style, sensitivity towards the use of colors. Check out some of his artworks J


  1. Je suis émerveillée par ce talent!!!
    J'aime tout, motifs, couleurs...Je trouve ce travail SUBLIME
    Je visite énormement de galeries différentes grâce à votre site et certaines m'interpellent...
    Celle ci en fait partie
    MERCI et BRAVO l'artiste...