Nov 14, 2013

Tony Chow | Chinese Painter | 1974 | The Dance

Tony Chow was born in 1974 in Taiwan, China. He is thus a Chinese painter. He started to paint at an early age of 11. His interest sprang a dedication to express his talents on canvas and also in understanding the motives behind such masterpieces. He migrated to The United States in the year 1995. He received a B.A in Fine Arts from the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California in the year 2000. After completing B. A. In fine arts he developed his interest in fine arts, designing and later developed his own style. His interest lies in figurative works such as contemporary woman, beautiful depiction of sculptures of masters.

I feel that there is some kind of bond or intentional portrayal of a unique relationship between the subjects of his paintings as sculpture. He works with layers and textures that make a balance between colors. If anyone looks at his works, it seems as if there is an intriguing blend of the past and present which mesmerizes the viewer. I love the use of bold strokes by him. All his works depicts some emotions of all the people who view his work J He has a glamorous style and his way of painting is loved by many and I am no exception J have a look at some his beautiful art works, I am sure that you will love them too J

Tony Chow with his painting

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