Laszlo Gulyas | Hungarian Figurative Painter |1960

Laszlo Gulyas was born in 1960 in Budapest. He is a Hungarian painter and completed his graduation from the Academy of Fine and Applied Arts. He was the student of fine arts in The Academy of Fine Arts from 1983 to 1987. Since 1987, he has been a member of National Society of Hungarian Artist. Laszlo have acquired his painting skills and techniques from early masters of painting and is much inspired by universal art of Rembrandt. 

He has his own unique style of painting which distinct him from other painters. He loves the revival of heritage rather than by demolishing and erasing the painting art. He applies his brilliant skills of painting light and shadow in his art works. Apart from his creativity skills in playing with colours, his mastery in sketching and illustration is also remarkable and commendable. His paintings, sketching and illustrations are full of harmony, beauty and vitality.  He loves to draw figurative works especially human figure. He specializes in figurative works.