Kwon Kyung Yup | Korean Painter

Kwon Kyung Yup is a Korean Painter and graduated from the Sejong University in Korea. She started to enhance her art skills with photography first. She loves detailing in her art works and captures the detailing, emotions and expressions very well in her art. She works by taking photograph as a base and afterwards creates the magic by those photos by painting the detailing with her artistic talent on canvas using oils. This kind of technique was used as a technique at the beginning of photography.

Earlier when it was not possible to print the photographs, these were used as a research tool to develop wood engraved illustrations. It was during 1860’s that wood engravings were made or say drawn from photography and this was used at a large scale in mass communication. It is right to say that this Korean painter is using the same style and technique but transfers it on canvas using her immense talent and creativity. It can be asked that if such an impression can be drawn with printing then what is the use and need of such a style as followed by Kwon, but in actual sense if you see Kwon’s work then we can find out that she paints layers in her work in such a wonderful way that photography cannot produce. Her art works are creative and mesmerizes the audience.