Edwin Georgi | American Pin Up Painter | 1896-1964

Edwin Georgi was an American Pin up painter who was born in 1896. He was largely a self taught artist. His paintings were similar to pin up and it is rightly to call and address him as a leader in the second wave of “pretty-girl” artist. He mostly learned art and painting in art and ad agencies. He had a unique style that ranged from simple and colourful warm shadows. He used sparkling colours in his art works. He had made advertisement for Ford Mercury, Crane paper, Yardley, The Italian Line Webster Cigars and Woodbury.

He was one of the most demanded illustrators of his time for Cosmo, True, Esquire, Ladies' Home Journal, Saturday Evening Post, American Girl, Liberty, Goldenbook Magazine, Fortune, Redbook and Woman's Home Companion. He left Princeton with intention and ambition to become a writer and wrote for an agency. This was the time when he realised that he is a much better painter than a writer and then he started to follow art as his career. He was a master in using pearlescent hues to create and depict sultry, femininity and woman beauty. He had created powerful and beautiful images in fifties America. His art work was surely a unique one and he used the power of light and shade in his art works beautifully and perfectly. The highlights of his works used to burn with adjacent areas and shades od lilac, peach and pink. He used an unearthly glow on the figures which used to beautify his paintings which seemed to come from beneath.