Djordje Prudnikoff | Realist Figurative Painter | 1939

DjordjePrudnikoff is a Serbian Painter who was born in 19th April 1939. He was born to a Russian man and a Serbian Woman. Thus he is a Russo-Serbian artist.  Djordie’s father came to Serbia as a boy with his parents after The October Revolution in Russia. Afterwards Djordje was born.

In the year 1946, Djordje’s family moved to Belgrade and after the completion of grammar school, Djordje got admission to the Academy of Fine Arts. 
After some time he left the grammar school to and got himself enrolled to the Academy of Applied Arts and there he completed his graduation in the class of Professor Mihailo Petrov. Djordje is a graphic designer, artist and one of the best and greatest and most influential artists who emerged from former Yugoslavia. He is also an award winning artist who was awarded for his graphic designing works and industrial designs. Personally I like his paintings very much, he sometimes show blurry effect which soothes the eyes. What I like best about him is the kind of aura which Djordje creates around his figures. Have a look at some of his paintings: