Nov 25, 2013

Charles Joshua | French Academic Painter | 1825-1891

Today’s art works and paintings are of Charles Chaplin who was a French academic painter and engraver. He was born in 1825 and lived on this planet till 1891. He was half British and half French, in the year 1886, he became a naturalized Frenchman, and however he worked in France all his life. From the year 1840 he became pupil at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and then he regularly visited the studio of Michel-Martin Drolling, who had pupil such as Jean-Jacques Henner, Jules Breton and Paul Baudry. 

Click below to see Paintings slideshow of Charles Joshua:

In the year 1845, Charles Joshua Chaplin started painting as a landscape and portrait artist with his portrait of the Artist’s Mother. He was very concerned for realism which was very much evident from art works which he created from 1848-1851.These had been restored to fashion by the Second Republic. His interests lied in painting realism and landscape of the Auvergne, for example in works by Armand Leleux and Adolphe Leleux. 
He later got fame because of his portrait paintings as paintings made by him favored more gracious and supple style that ensured him this fame. In nutshell, he rejected this early manner. He loved to draw and paint figurative works, which included portraits of females, which were mostly half-clad models, half length and who posed slightly erotically in misty settings. All his art works appealed to society in the Third Republic and also ensured his success and fame. He was also called to be a genre painter and his genre paintings were the most important part of his art works. He also worked as a painter and he painted the panels and ceilings over the doors of the Salon des Fluers in the Tuileries in 1861 and also for the Salon de I’Hemicycle in the Palais de I’Elysee. Charles Joshua Chaplin also became teacher and took art classes specifically for females at his studio. He had many students who inherited beautiful artistic skills from him and some of them were the British artist Louise Jopling and the American artist Mary Cassatt . Charles Joshua was said to be one of the greatest genre painter of all time and was a pool of artistic knowledge which he spread among his students.

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