Alfred Cheney Johnston | American Vintage Photographer | 1885-1971

Alfred Cheney Johnston was an American Photographer who was born in 1885 and died in the year 1971. He was one of the best known photographers of that time. Alfred is well known for the portraits of the actor and actresses of 1920’s and 1930’s which he made that of Ziegfeld Follis showgirls. His was known for his unique style of fashion illustration, glamour and vintage works.

Alfred Cheney Johnston devoted a book to his glamour and nudes photography in the year 1937 which was in spiral bound soft cover book and named “Enchanting Beauty”, it was the only known book that was published by him. This book contains 94 black and white photos, most of them are of same size i.e. 7X9 inches which are centred on a 9X12 inch page, however these pictures are designed and cropped  in different shapes and designs. Most of his photographs were taken inside a studio; these pictures are available on internet or other virtual media. These shots were taken in front of an illustrated tapestry background cloth and or in front of a flat-black or grey background. Almost 37-38 of his photographs were taken outside the studio around a flower dappled field or some stream/river. Almost all his works are airbrushed to keep them safe and legal with respect to publishing standards and copyrights.


  1. Alfred cheney johnston did beautiful photographs,I enjoy black and white pictures myself.
    One of these days I'm gonna try and follow in his art.