Oct 23, 2013

Denis Oktyabar | Russian Impressionist Artist | 1977

Denis Oktyabar is son of a popular Siberian artist Valery Oktyabr and was born in a Russian city Novoaltaisk. He started to paint and draw to continue the family artistic tradition. In 1992 Denis finished Artists School and in 1997 graduated Artistic College of Novoaltaisk. Oktyabr paints portraits, landscapes, genre pictures. In his paintings Oktyabr tries to abstract his mind and brush from shapes and stereotypes to reflect his inner feelings, emotions and tries to illustrate the sacred process of perception and meditation. I must say that the shapes and colors of his paintings are perfect instruments to explore and embody ideas and sensations. When one Lookd at his pictures one feels that there is a vision of the way things are intended to be, but never are.

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