Aimée García | Cuban Painter | Mix-Media | 1972

Aimeé García was born in Limonar, Cuba in 1972. She studied art at the Professional School of Fine Arts in Camagüey, Cuba and finished her post-graduate work at the renowned Superior Art Institute in Havana, Cuba. Despite her youth, Aimeé García is considered by many Cuban critics and curators to be among the leading painters of her generation, and at the tender age of 21 she was already exhibiting in two collateral exhibitions to the V Havana Bienal. It was there that her work caught the eye of several international gallery owners and curators. A year later she had her first international exposure via exhibitions in Jamaica, Mexico, Israel, Austria and her first US showing as part of the “Women beyond Borders” show at the Contemporary Arts Forum in Santa Barbara, California.

In 1998 she had her first solo exhibit in the United States at Art in General Gallery in New York. A year later she had her first California solo exhibition at the Robert Berman Gallery in Los Angeles. Her work has been also exhibited in the Dominican Republic, South Korea, Spain, Argentina, Israel, Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Lebanon. She is in the permanent collection of the Havana Museum of Fine Arts.
 Her work belongs to a genre where the most important issue is symbolism. Her employment of pictorial references to the classics, in a discourse of her own, often employs elements that are not generally used in painting. Elements such as lead, hair, thread, photographs and others are sometimes used to finalize and cement the ideas being created by the artist.