Smergelis Laimonas Jono | Lithuanian Artist | Surrealist

Smergelis was born in 25th June 1972. In 1985 he has graduated Children's art school in Utena. In 1995 he has graduated Šiauliai pedagogic university, bachelor in art and crafts and in 1997 he has graduated the same university, Master of Arts studies.
He is working as art teacher in a primary school as well as organizes art courses for disable people at Organization of Disable people in Utena. Also he organizes exhibitions of arts. He has organized 10 personal exhibitions.Since 1990 he are participating in common exhibitions with other artists. (about 30 exhibitions).
"I am creating a lot and respecting others creations. I hate grudge and scandals."

-Smergelis Laimonas Jono