Aug 20, 2013

Igor Belkovsky | Russian Figurative Artist

Igor Belkovsky  is a Member of the Creative Union of Russian Artists and the International Confederation of Artists .
1962 - Born in Chelyabinsk, in the family of the famous photographer Vladimir Belkovsky .
1981 - Graduated from Chelyabinsk Art College, followed by 3 years of teaching at the School of Art.
1985 - Entered the Moscow State Institute of Art Surikov , where he studied under the guidance of Professor VN Zabelina . After the successful graduation in 91 . During 3 years he cooperated with the Moscow gallery " ARKA ", which helped the young artist to do creative work.
1987 - With the support of Vladimir Vinokur and Joseph Kobzon he began to work on the project “Russian pop stars, theater and television . "

For 4 years he has more than 35 portrait orders of well-known people such as I. Kobzon , V. Vinokur , L. Leshchenko , L. Yakubovich , I. Sharp , A. Shirvindt etc. In the process of its creation, the project was in Russian edition of "The Book of Records the world 2000 “.

The exhibition “The Russian star was shown in 2001 in the Central House of Artists, and in 2002 the building of the State Duma , attracted great interest from the press and spectators. After these exhibitions prestigious Moscow magazine “Faces “Voted one of the artist to “idols of Russia 2002 " .
Now Belkovsky , with the support of Moscow Government is working on a spectacular project " Pride of Russia ", which will include portraits orders of famous people from different spheres of activity , politics, culture , business and sports . Much attention in this project will be paid to the creation of portraits of famous artists and filmmakers and theater of the older generation.

Since 1985, the artist living and working in Moscow .

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