August 7, 2013

Farahnaz Saatchi | Iranian Painter | Portrait Painter

Farahnaz Saatchi was born in a family which was keen on art in Tehran. She showed her love and motivation in painting since she was a child. Therefore she spent her whole time painting when she was in her teens and this was all with her family's encouragement. She got married at the age of 17, the result of which was the birth of two sons.

 After marriage in 1969 she started learning painting with her husband's encouragement from, she also covered a course of oil painting in Tehran's Art University.
In 1379 she started learning painting in an academic and professional style from Mehrdad Jamshidi. She claims that her success in creating her paintings belongs to him and his teaching. Saatchi has been teaching painting from 1379 herself. She has participated in several group exhibitions which were:
Group exhibition in 1382 Saadabad museum.

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