Tony Pavone | American Figurative painter

    Tony Pavone

    Tony Pavone was born in Ohio from parents of European descent; Tony’s childhood was filled with art, operas, musicals and passion for culture. This American artist is best known for this figurative art works. 

    His Life and Career

    His artistic abilities became evident when, at the age of 3, he opened his father's anatomy and art books and drew the internal anatomy of the human body. His father, an artist, as well as an opera singer, would take Tony, along with his three siblings, to all the local operas - exposing them to the stage designs and the performance excitement. His mother was a concert pianist and organist, and used to perform regularly at the cathedral in Cincinnati. The artistic abilities of both his parents were a great influence on his own future endeavors. Art played a primary and important role in his life. In his youth his favorite amusement was studying and imitating the styles of artists such as William Blake, Frank Frazetta, Heinrich Kley and Michelangelo Buonarroti. 

    His Art Works