Spanish Realistic Figurative Painter-"Pablo Segarra Chias 1945"

Pablo Chias is a Spanish painter and was born in 1945 in Seville. He lived in the Macarena District in the heart of the city. He completed his first oil painting on canvas at a very tender age of seven years. There were local craftsman who taught him to use turpentile and varnish and his neighbours often used to gift him brushes, canvases and oil paints. When he was 13 years of age, he started to support his impoverished family by getting a job at the local cemetery. He sold his own work at a tourists visiting area.
He truly loves classical art. His knowledge of artistic culture was hugely influenced by artist’s artist like Zubaran, Gonsalo Bilbao and Gomez Gil. His work captures the suggestion of beauty whilst always leaving space for imagination and mystery. Chias' subject makes him one of the best living oriental painters of the western world.