Mexican Surreal Hyper Realist Painter | Juan Medina 1950

Juan Medina is a Latin-American artist who was born in 1948. He graduated with honors from the National School of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo and from the Mural Studio of Professor Jaime Colson. Since 1974 he is professor in the same school in charge of nude painting and post-graduate studies. He was appointed as a Director in  2002.
As a young professional he was very much impressed by the social as well as political problems in his country and was much inclined towards social realism. In 1970 the City of Santo Domingo commissioned a large outdoor fresco mural titled "Education". In the late 70’s he worked with esoteric themes, principally in blue.
He has no conflict between traditional art and modern art as he feel attracted and comfortable with both. In his own words "There is no old art or new art, only good or bad art".