Human Nude Flowers | Cecelia Webber

Cecelia Webber was born in a small town, where only about 1500 people used to live. she spent much of her childhood outdoors. She was shy and a socially awkward child.  Her deep appreciation for nature, along with her scientific background, give her a deep awareness of organic forms that she draws upon to concoct pieces bearing a unique interplay between colors, shapes, and models’ bodies.
She loves to use the human body to construct intricate tessellations that represent the natural world. Her art implicates the viewer in its form, evoking our complex relationship with our bodies and nature. Her art has been featured around the world. Her art has been the centerpiece of advertising campaigns by clients such as Harrison and Star (New York) and Monier SpA (Italy). Her work is featured worldwide in publications including Vanity Fair (Italy), ELLE (Mexico), The Huffington Post (USA), Duzhe (China), Claudia (Poland), The Sun (UK), and designboom (international online).