Jun 29, 2013

Spanish Oil Painting Artist -"Ramon Gutierrez"

Ramon Gutierrez, who studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, ​​who had started his artistic training at age 16 at the Taller de Quatre Pintors , that had great teachers as Núria Balcells, Agustí Roca, Jorge Zaldivar, Gloria Muñoz Crespo Ruiz Ortega, Gaul ... had, of all people, the best teacher, who encouraged him and gave him encouragement to further develop his great skill as a draftsman and painter Juan José Gutiérrez, his father, amateur artist and passionate chess player. reach the flight How it yet not? In his workshop Ramon Cerdanyola still investigating, deciphering the color relationships and light decomposition, incorporating new techniques like collage and listening to Charlie Parker. Fire, impulse, passion, torture ... Infinity blue, ocher, charcoal ... So Ramon was in its infancy. Such initial unease understand, explain and explain the world with their tools, pencil and brush, traced his way until, from 94 Cerdanyola painter leapt the serenity of the soul, translated in a variety color and warmth reconcile it with the world. since then shows pieces of moments, snapshots of souls on the streets of Manhattan or contemplating life leaning out a window. On The molí of jueu , 1991, pointed and that significant leap symbolic naturalism was consolidated from 1994. 's music, especially jazz, has been the soundtrack of his works.The dark blue, black and gray of his most gloomy, during the eighties, blues and jazz needed to reinterpret Goya, Rembrandt and Caravaggio. 

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