Jun 22, 2013

Indian Watercolor Artist- "Rajkumar Sthabathy" 1975

One of my pleasant surprises was to find Rajkumar Sthabathy’s watercolor art works on internet. Rajkumar Sthabathy’s is an Indian Artist who was born in 27-07-1975. He got his Bachelor in Arts with concentration in painting from Govt. College of Arts and Crafts, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. He mainly works with watercolors and paints portraits, Rickshaws, street workers and real life paintings. Since 1997 he has had many solo and group art exhibitions. His works are in collection in many private collections in India and Abroad.
"I feel immense love and respect when I see our ordinary humans for what they are…
They travel my mental prism to, for no reason magically materialize, forcing me to design and register
them picturesquely, bestowing eternal peace upon me!
Else, being emotionless belittles (myself) my “self.” I lose coherence and harmony if I just be an art
catalyst without being affected from my contemporary events and time…. I consider that this is my Voice!...., my Language!..., and my Signature!!
……….which I am able to paint ONLY in Watercolor!!
Understanding me is impossible except when I spontaneous paint as I flow like water…maybe called as “The Water Color”!!!…………RAJKUMAR STHABATHY…"

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