Jun 7, 2013

Beautiful Watercolor Paintings by Dean Crouser

Dean Crouser was born in Oregon. His paintings are very simple and loose. He is a nature lover with a special inclination towards fishing, camping and outdoor activities which can easily be interpreted with his paintings.
According to him he always try to say the most with the least and he loves to keep his work simple, spontaneous and fast. His goal is to capture the beauty and simplicity of nature that people have not seen before. He has a unique style and uses a lot of colors in his works. Most of his paintings have horses, wildlife, fish and hummingbirds as a subject, are in watercolor medium and are enjoyed by a million art lovers, collectors and enthusiasts around the world.
 Although he is an accomplished athlete and was a three time NCAA champion and have inducted into the Hall of Fame, he is inclined towards art and painting since childhood. Currently he is living with his wife and two children in Oregon.

Examples of his art works: 


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