Jun 5, 2013

Beautiful Portrait Paintings by Thea Penna(London)

Thea Penna was born in Harlow, Ezzex. After completing her major foundation course at Harlow College, she moved to Wakefield. She studied Surface Pattern Design at Bretton Hall college of Art.
In 1997, she graduated with first class honors degree and secured a place in The Royal College of Art, London and studied Printed Textiles there.
Since then she is working in design studios.
With her textile career, she have worked on a variety of commissioned portraits and figurative art works and had many exhibitions all around London.

Presently, she is living in London, Tower Hamlets, UK.
She has mastered the art of Portraiture and her works speaks for themselves. She has made portraits which includes self portraits, outside and inside portraits and black and white portraits.

I have assembled some of her selected beautiful works here:

Self Portrait

Self Portrait



  1. Guau...cuánta fuerza expresiva en la mirada de los modelos retratados (tan magistralmente)... Ninguna de ellas me deja indiferente, y la que más paz me regala es la de la pareja sentada en un banco, tan relajados y felices...

    Magníficas pinturas!

    ABRAZO GRANDE, desde Chile!

  2. What is the title of the first artwork


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