Painting as a technique of Meditation - Yes or No??

Let me first answer this question- what is Meditation? Meditation is something with a goal to attain knowledge of our true nature. It is the highest state one can attain. Afterwards there is nothing, because the so called "I" has disappeared, it has gone with the mind. We sometimes admit this idea of a useless waste of energy as we all have enormous energy which we waste in vain. At other times we do not admit it, because we are involved with sense objects. Actually, the object of meditation is self mastery. Self mastery means shutting out external objects and looking into deeper self. In the practice of meditation, everyone can find what he is looking for. Similarly, when a person with a hidden artist in himself tries to meditate, he sees a deep reflection of his true self and nature. He can find out the inner peace and a way to explain his love for art to the outer world.

Mediation with Painting
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As an ARTIST, I truly believe that to draw and paint is the best technique of meditation any artist can achieve. He can paint down the inner light of his soul on the canvas. With each and subsequent stroke in painting, an artist starts feeling peaceful and calm. I would like to add here that meditation is the art of concentration and when we are concentrated, we feel enlightened, free from all worries and feel away from home without leaving the home, we don't feel our body, we feel blessed. As said : "You must meditate everyday very deeply to feel the inner peace", so draw and paint everyday to feel the inner peace and joy. This is what i call,  " The joy of Painting and art of Meditation." So, "TRY TO MEDITATE IN AN ARTISTIC WAY ." 

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