Basics of  Painting:

COLORS are the lifeline of any painting. They make the paintings look good and vivacious. Thus, colors are vital for any painting, a painting is of no use if proper colors are not used to enhance and explain the mood and thought of an artist. As i have already explained in my earlier posts in this blog that colors can be classified into Primary, Secondary & Tertiary colors. Colors gives a painting a different shade and tints.
Different colors are mixed together to get different shades in a painting, e.g. white is mixed with other colors to get light shades and similarly black color is mixed with other colors to get darker shades. Types of colors are explained below:

Neutral colors:
These colors are called earth colors. They are they are the shades of black, brown, beige, white, gray etc. They presents earth tones and are mostly used for landscape paintings.

Neutral Colors

Analogous Colors:
These colors are closely related to each other, e.g. yellow and orange, blue and green etc. They give a beautiful view if mixed together, they are complimentary to each other.

Analogous Colors

Warm colors:
Combinations of red, yellow, orange are called  warm colors. They are shades of the Sun and Sun rays. They provide warmth in a painting.

Cool colors:
These colors represent water, peace. These colors are blue, green, violet etc. They provide a cool effect in a  painting.

Cool and Warm Colors

There are various types of paintings that can be made by using following kind of techniques:
Watercolor Paintings.
Oil Color Paintings.
Acrylic Color Paintings.
Fabric Color Paintings etc.

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