Quick Acrylic Painting Tips for Beginners

Acrylic colors are fun to be with, they are easy to learn and are rewarding and versatile. Many different types of styles can be made out of acrylic colors.

Acrylic Color Tube

Basic Character of Acrylic Colors:

Acrylic colors are water based that distinguishes them from oil colors. It means acrylic colors can be mixed with water and can be washed with water. They are non-smelly and non-toxic which makes them an ideal option for artists who are health and eco conscious. Acrylic colors generally mimic the quality of oil paints but if thinned a lot with water, they can mimic the quality of watercolor also, hence making acrylic color 'a fun to be with coloring medium'. These colors dry very quickly so its sometimes become difficult to blend colors. However, if you wanna go for quick drying painting then these colors suit you the best.

As i already mentioned that acrylic colors are versatile, firstly they can mimic the qualities of both oil and watercolors by varying the quantity of water in colors. Secondly, the texture & consistency can be varied and modified with acrylic gels, pastes and mediums.There are many mediums available in the market that can be mixed with acrylics to get desired texture e.g. Matt medium, Gloss medium etc.

Acrylic Gloss & Matt Medium 

 Here are few tips for artists who wants to try there hands on acrylic colors, hope you like it and enjoy reading:


1) Acrylic colors are fast drying colors so squeeze only a little amount of paint in Palette at a time.
2) The most famous surfaces for using acrylic colors are canvas, wood, paper but once primed with Gesso, acrylic colors can be used on almost any surface like clay etc.

Gesso for Acrylics

3) Acrylic colors can be mixed with Clear Tar Gel to produce a tar like paint which is best for dripping.
4) Keep a peace of cloth or cotton near your water jar so that you can easily wipe color from your brush after rinse.
5) After drying, acrylic colors can be over painted unlike watercolors, where there is a possibility of disturbing the existing wash.
6) If you wanna blend your color, work fast as acrylic colors dry very fast and if you are using a paper, damp it for improved blending.
7)Thick Acrylic colors can be used as a glue for collage making.
8)Paintings with acrylic colors need not to be framed with glass, if the painting collects dust on it, you can use a damp cotton to wipe out the dust from painting without affecting the paint.


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