May 11, 2013

Conor Walton Still Life Paintings

ConorWalton was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1970. In the year 1993, he got BA (dual degree in History of fine art and fine art) from NCAD Dublin. In the year 1995 he got MA in art history and theory from university of Essex, UK( with distinction).

Currently he lives in Wicklow with wife Jane Carney and their three children.
Self Portrait

This amazing painter from Dublin is one of the most famous and influential still life artist of the world. He has raw and tremendous talent. His still life masterpieces speaks for themselves. He has represented such a beautiful and rare skill of draftsmanship and a still life painting skills through his works. One of his work titled: Veiled-"Oranges and Lemon", made by him in 2008 and "still life with large orchid" made by him in 2004 are the best examples of his marvelous and breathtaking talent and realism with the best and exceptional use of light.

Some of his best works are:
1) Still life with large Orchids.
2) The discovery of the future.
3) Space-Age still life.
4) Veiled-Oranges and Lemons.

He had many solo and group art work exhibitions in different countries of the world and has many awards to his credit.

Today I am going to link some of his best works here, hope you like them :)

Large Orchids

Space Age


Big Teeth eat Little Teeth

Curtain Call



End Piece

New Micro Cosmos




Pears Plums

The music of tommorow





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