10 Best Oil Painting Tips

Here are some of the basic oil tips for beginners. Try them out, i am sure you will love it !! In case you find them interesting, do not forget to comment :) :) Your comments are much appreciated :)

Oil Color palette
Coloring Palette

Tip 1: Always lay your oil colors well in coloring Palette so that you can color with ease while painting with oil colors.
Tip 2: For an underpainting or sketching try to avoid ivory black as it dries very slowly as compared to other shades of oil color.
Tip 3: For under layers try to use pigments containing cobalt, lead and manganese as they accelerate drying of colors. To speed up drying mix them with other colors.

Tip 4: Oil proportion(medium) in color should be increased with each layer as lower layers absorb oil from top. If upper layers dry faster than the lower ones, there are chances of cracking of colors.
Tip 5: You can use Alcohol if want to clean away quickly a layer of oil paint. It works very well :).
Tip 6: If you want to find out that whether the mineral bottle or white spirit is suitable for oil paint or not, put some of it on a white paper and let it evaporate, if it evaporates without leaving any residue or stain then it is absolutely fine.
Tip 7: Never dry your oil painting in dark, it may cause a thin layer of oil paint to rise and hence yellowing it  :(
Tip 8: Do not use linseed oil for light oil colors like whites, blues etc as this has tendency to get yellow, you may use poppy oil.
Tip 9: Use linseed oil for underpainting.
Tip 10: Clean your brush with turpentine thoroughly after use, so that oil paint does not remain on your brush.